To Japanese
Dafeng Zhenyan
A few decades ago I came from China in order to achieve more personal freedom of expression and creativity.
Using the elements of Ki, radiating inner strength, I created the Hosenko dance based on traditional Chinese dancing combined with western-style ballet and ethnic folk rhythms.
Although the Hosenko dance reflects all those features, it also creates a peaceful calm with an ease of movement and sprit of the joy of life itself.
My meeting with Miss Keiko Otani was indeed a great pleasure for she has a deep understanding of my objective.
Subsequently, the Hosenko Dance Group was developed with her valuable cooperation and has been elevated to a higher level of perfection and grace establishing this exciting new dance gene in Japan.
Through the sprit and harmony of the Hosenko dancers, we seek to inspire our audiences to feel the true majesty of the universe and thereby realize how fortunate we all are to be sharing together the wonders of the heavens the earth.